Understand November 18, 2013





I may not


Understand the depth


Of how eveything


Will turn out


But giving up


Is the last


Thing to do.





In the distance


that follows,


there stands


a path before us.





A barrier.


A wall.


How will you escape?


Verse2: Never give up.


Wake up.




T – is it true?


H – is it hurtful?


I – is it inspiring?


N – is it necessary?


K – is it kind?


Never surrender.


Always move forward.





Our bond.


Our memories.


Our time.


To shine


On our own.


Nothing has changed.


BFF – best friends forever





Eternally, I'll always


Be your true friend.


For, you've helped me


More than you ever will realize.





Our lives:


Morality and wisdom


Beyond our years...


Our connection: Music


For, “Music saves lives”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I wrote this song back in 2013 for a friend that went through similiar events that I did so, as to let her know that I'll always be there for her as friend despite the misstakes she has made in the past, etc. I won't go into depth/detail of what happened to the both of us but all I can say is that we're similiar/alike but wished she would open up to me if I already know what she's going through without her telling me anything (i.e from Oceanlane's song: "Look Inside the Mirror" - "no need to say a word/I just can tell/how can you feel/when there's no face/how can you feel/when there's no air/even though you say you're fine/I won't take your word/look inside the mirror/look inside the mirror...I don't want to see you cry/I just want to make you smile/I am always there for you/So, cheer up"