Write A Poem For A Kid

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Time to celebrate childhood. Write a poem for a kid, a child, children, newborns, anyone twelve and under. If you are an aunt or an uncle, from time to time, it is mandatory to write down the encounter.


Skill Acquisition


She just learned

to tie her shoelaces

and this new thing

to do morphs

into happiness

as she tugs

on hems and sleeves

a five year old grin

of her small world

full of sharing a new

found talent.

Afterall, you can

not survive to

become an adult

unless you can tie

your shoes.


Lady A




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poem for a kid

Hi Stella, I wrote this poem and my seven year old laughed.




I line the words up one at a time.

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Ah, To Be Seven

and see literatue through  a seven year old's eyes and humor senses. This is fun, appropriate for all ages - ~(:D)-  Hugz

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