#wings #life #alone #storm #love #dying #neglect

Crazed and Nervous

My stomach in knots again

Wishing not to hope

Tired of analyzing


Am i a victim

Has my heart pulled a fast one

the loosened bonds

could not hold

I should not have listened

it may be too late

so afraid of the influence

my lonely heart has

the mind has been swayed

now it is just the coward

will i watch the protector

awaken to save us all

dragging away from reality

all the gambling conspirators

as they thrash and scream

the voices can be heard

the plea of a wounded animal

“we deserve this,

protector please chase for us

we are dying,

how much more will you sacrifice

to protect something

that may soon be nothing

please protector, fight for us”

how can one ignore their screams

how can one jump

when it may be

water or rock which catches them

I dream of the wings she holds

so that the sky may be warmer

with not just me alone

hurtling through the heavens

cold and mad

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