He loved the nights when it was just the two of them

when his mother would take out her guitar

and they would sit together in the grass as she’d play music under the stars.


There in the cool of the evening he felt safe, secure and calm…

It’s where he realized he loved her music as much as he loved his mom.


One night as he leaned against her…listening to her show

he looked into his mother’s eyes and asked,

“Mom, where does the music go?”


She smiled as she picked him up and sat him on her knee…

“There’s magic in the music.” she said, “but not everyone can see.”


Every time a note is played it hovers in the air.

She picked a string on her guitar then pointed

“Do you see it…floating there?”.


“Keep watching as it only lingers for a short time before it travels far…

“I see it Mom I see it! He said. “I saw it land upon that star!”


Next she played a chord and he watched the notes hover for a moment 

a musical avatar…until they flew up to the sky and landed on a star.


“Some notes are rather slow”, she said, “and some, you’ll see, move quicker.”

“But they all end up on the stars.” she winked.  “That’s what makes them flicker.”


And to this day he smiles when he looks up as he walks under the night sky

Listening for its melodies….so he can watch the music fly.


As it reminds him of a time long ago when his mom would take out her guitar

the night she taught him how to see the notes

as they journey to the stars.

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