On a visit to a hospital recently

I was following a man holding a bouquet of beautiful blooms

“I’m going to visit my wife,” he said,

“but I’m having a little trouble finding her room.”


I helped him navigate the hospital maze.

When we arrived I said, “This is your wife’s room, I believe.

I know she’ll love her flowers.”

and then I turned to leave.


“Would you like to meet her.” The man asked.

After all, you couldn’t have been any kinder…

Besides, she’d never forgive me if I didn’t introduce her

to the man who helped me find her.


We entered the room together…

and after placing her flowers in a vase

he told her why I was standing there

and a smile lit up her face.


“He’s never been very good with directions.” She said.

“Hey,” he interrupted, “I found you all those years ago…

“And as long as there are people to help me.” he smiled

I’m never letting you go.”


I stopped in the doorway on my way out…

thinking…how they make beautiful duet…

when I heard him say, “It’s true sometimes I may get lost

but my vows…those I’ll never forget…


I lingered in the doorway a little longer

Hiding in the background…like a little kid…

and after hearing the vows he said long ago

I’m certainly glad I did…


“Your happiness makes me smile.” he said.

“Your sadness brings a tear to my eye.”

When you have everything you’ve ever wanted…he smiled holding her hands…

“Then, honey, so do I.”


You never know when fate will smile upon you.

It could happen following a man with a bouquet of blooms…

while watching two strangers remember their vows


in the doorway of a hospital room.

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