when ignored makes us feel innumerable deaths!



Weird longing took me afar inducing my uncanny behavior;

Garrulous friends made me downcast and plunge into eternal sin;

Couldn’t desist my discomfiture and put up a façade; but

My comrades jabbered my pretext and questioned my venerability.


Implicating challenges, insecure utterances and unacceptable behavior,

Made me feel innumerable deaths; notwithstanding,

I sneered and bawled my incessant kicks;

Though, pestered by good sense, I tended to pose insouciance.


Loafing about, I rummaged still, for a paramount life;

But uncertainty and peskiness made it tedious all the more;

Failing to attain a glorious life, with a perturbed mind,

I swapped thoughts so as to restore my benumbed sense.


But the raging thoughts, day and night, and round the clock;

Brawled against my conscience; and it got settled finally;

The convulsion of mind scrutinized my conscience; and the verdict was,

Not to allow my mind go scot-free, as it ignored my conscience!


Appalling though; yet, my mind got to oblige what was inevitable;

Had it responded to my conscience, at times of trouble,

My life would have been aglow and reached a level of paragon;

And I would have quipped, “But for my conscience, I’d have had innumerable deaths!”

Author's Notes/Comments: 

It's the mind that ignores conscience and makes us commit mistakes.  Hence 'Conscience' when not paid heed to, causes innumerable deaths before the so called natural death!


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