waiting for you

Give you time


I havent really slept for three days now.
I can't help, but to worry.
Im trying not to.
I really am.
But the truth is,
It kills me.
When i'm around you
I try not to show it too much,
But I know you can see it clearly.
I'm trying to handle this as best as I can.
But I know you'll be fine.
I just need it give you time.
Part of me wants you to know this,
But part of me doesn't.
They tell me it not my problem,
But it is all the same.
I don't try to, but I feel your rain too.
I'm walking in your storm next to you.
Would you snap at me if you knew?
I'm trying so hard.
Please do know this.
Its killing me to leave you be,
But I know I have to.
Cause what I need to do is give you time.
I keep telling myself this,
Over and over again.
I listen to myself loud and clear.
Cause i know its for the best.
Still I find myself stop and look back at you.
When we cross paths.
Sometimes I see you do the same thing too.
But I cant allow myself to confront you.
Because what I need to do for you
Is give you time.

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As you approached my lap,
I made ready for you.
Encircled you in my love,
Captured your tongue with
sweet kisses.
enjoyed the aroma of your
Awaiting your sweet release.

 copyright by heather burns

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