Harmonious Rose

Various Objects

The Warmth Of Your Smile
Fills Me With Comfort
Like Its An Instant Relief


I'm Attracted By Your Serenity
The Calmness Of Your Soul
Seems Every Time I See You
My Heart Skips A Beat


Feels Like If I Told You How I Feel
You'd Be Amazed By My Response
But I Choose To Hold It Back My Thoughts


No Disturbance Of Any Other Kind
You Provide Me That Harmonious Quiet Aura
The Hazy Clouds Hovering In My Head
Subsides And Vanishes Quickly


Like A Soothing Breeze
Cool And Steady
Fixed At Low


The Speed Of My Preference
Often Is Hastily & Reckless


But My Heart Tells Me;I Shouldn't Move Fast This Time
Like A Rose In A Garden
It's So Clear; Spotted Far Away At Distance
But It's Incredibly Beautiful; Up Close And Within Its Presence

Fragrant Rose

Various Objects

The Beauty Of The Essence
Is A Delightful Sight
The Fragrance Of The Scent
Its The Aroma Of The Rose


Behind My Hands Is A Scented Red Rose
I Step Forward With A Particular Approach
Perhaps I'll Compliment Your Beautiful Hair
For I See Elegance In Your Black Hair


I Want You To Feel Relaxed
The Pleasant Clench Of My Hand
Holding Hands With You
The Affectionate Felt Of Ease


I Enjoy Seeing You Smile
It Makes Me Feel Appreciated
To Relish My Charm Of Expression