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Unchained! Unbound! (Upon the Champs Elysees) Unbroken!

Boundless hurdles rapture, 
laminating the hollows
Bore of a stark unequivocal serenade
Vibrations trickle solemn of dread
Parade an inclement resurgence of sorrow
Everforthcoming, the sea may be rivaled
Blurred eyes, no sight to witness
A marooned waterfall
Cascades down a battered face
Weathered edges, open hedges
Ripples, of salt scorching love
Befall, and reverberate
Clashing among each breath thats took,
And every sigh that's let go of
Striked a rose, captured forever in bloom, 
Petrified, as though art, free and fated for all
Once feared as etched over, forgotten
An insurmountable loss, of whom?
Rhythmically eluding the tips of the tongue 
Warmth bellows and light protrudes
In angst, sorrow bears a fortitude
Within the enclave of this fall
Drawing necromance, whom devolve 
the stagnant darkness, upon a plethora
Of kindred souls awaiting ashes
Smeared in wickedness, exasperation
From the soot whence have taken rise
Hath this existential rapid flow,
Drift amuck among them, surely
Through the gravel, energy gathers slowly
From the stable into the stem
A quintessence of folly and jeer 
Callous laden hands unchain the curtain
Forego all amnesty 
Bare the resolute to sanctity
As each petal & thorn shook off a heavy frost
The roots dwell deep, stretching out of slumber
Rays amassing at the core, spread
Enveloping the obscure, 
Forgotten steel, drawn from its sheath,
Recalls that it's a sword
With a breath exchanged in awe, it dawns
that the wreath whom scorched dry a heart
Whom split the sea asunder
To the ducts of each eye, saltwater spews
In rows the vessels heaved,
In lore they traversed, 
They're all now but gone.
Scarlet eyes shine anew
A tumbled heart beats forth
Like a hearth stone 
sends half battered souls on home.
A memory, perhaps a thought, 
Yet more than a feeling, resonates
With it a smile, a gleaming aurora 
Whom once was, may once more
What was forgotten, will eventually come forth
All will come, and we shall rejoice
Cherish love, and be loved in return
Don't lose sight, be the humanity
We the people have the power
To stand for peace, to fight for love,
And above all for passion
In ourselves, in all the living, forth the world
All that we are, and all that which there is
Is felt throughout, we all have a heart!
The world, it has a soul!