#travel at sea; Children's soccer; #Caribbean waters



Early morning, 

boarding a ferry

from Marigot, St. Maarten

to Gustavia, St. Barth’s


There was a flock of youngster’s

elementary school soccer teams

also boarding the ferry

on their way to a tournament.


They were excited

but the warms waters of the Caribbean Sea

weren’t very cooperative.


The boat was bouncing & rocking

and shifting from side to side.

I was feeling grateful

that I didn’t have time for breakfast.


There were school children crying

And getting sick

all over the boat.

Their chaperones made every effort

to comfort and console them.


It was a mighty long two hours.

There was crying and wailing

and the fragrance of the boat grew foul.


Not only was I pleased 

with my failure to get a good breakfast;

I was questioning whether

I would even need lunch when we docked.


I gained a new understanding

& appreciated

For the song “Don’t Rock the Boat”!


Don’t ever tell me

The Hues Corporation is a minor act.

They nailed some serious truth

at least once in their careers.




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