Toxic People

Don't Leave


Don't go with him,

The nice one who always has a reason to smile,

The one you look at with those school girl eyes,

I swear to you that I'll do my best,

To not be toxic,

To not be awful,

To be normal,

To be happy,

But I haven't quite gotten there yet,

Not everyone is cut from the rich cloth,

Sculpted from the pottery of priviledge,

I'll make you crack up at the worst times,

Make you feel free when we're anything but,

I'll mend all the scars on your legs and arms,

But you're right,

I might never be happy,

I'll always be a little behind,

And I'll never stop loving you,

So God bless us losers,

The dead weights,

The virgins the outcasts,

Us desperate ones,

Constantly compensating for self- respect,

We never liked this world as if there were an alternative,

We want to listen to you when no one else can hear you,

We want you to feel the things we never did,

I was not made to be a perfect person,

So I don't pretend that I am,

I'm just this skin,

These bones,

My regrets,

I want to see what's on your mind,

What's under these layers your wearing,

So stay a little longer with me,

Until I learn to smile as sweet as you,


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