though consumption

Mindless Puppets

It's a feeling thats overwhelming

Overloading my senses with dark power

Saturating my thoughts with corrupting influences

My mind does not darken but instead turns to light

I am reawakened

I can feel it's presents within me

Taking no form it consumes me from within to survive

Leaching off the hatred it has spawned inside me

Intertwining itself to my blood it has no limitations

Control is replaced with pleasure

The actions I take are not my own

This infection has become my cure

To the mundane life I once had 

It was nothing but a thorn I wished to rip from my mind

Everything I touch now dies 

Ingesting it's life force to sustain my decaying body

I only fear losing my symbiotic bond

Knowing that I need this evil and it does not need me

I'm am a willing victim to this sinister entity

Bound by blood I exist only within my own SCHELL



Author's Notes/Comments: 

A formless evil consumes the mind of a willing victim

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