I’ve been disappointed in my country this week…with what’s been happening across this land

How more and more people are being massacred yet assault rifles are not banned.


I am sad to live in a country that isn’t guarding its children and its youth…

where lies flow out of our politicians mouth as easily as truth.


Where their solution to this problem…their way to protect their daughters and their sons

is to add more firearms to the equation…. and have our teachers carry guns.


I have watched what’s happening with a heavy heart…watched and tried to cope

but lately, despite trying to stay positive…I have been losing hope…


And then…


This week I saw students come together after their lives were tragically rearranged….

standing up to our ineffectual politicians…and determined to make change.


And this week as I watched the leaders of our country and felt agitated and annoyed

two friends of ours had babies… two beautiful baby boys.


And this week…with the biggest smile on her face…in fact it was only yesterday…

another friend of ours became a citizen…a citizen of the USA.


And yesterday I was reminded of family when Damien, our eldest grandson,

who I’ve watch grow from a baby to a man…had a birthday…. 21!


And all this made me realize…


Yes there’s a lot of bad happening in the world…which means there’s still so much to do

but if you stop to look around …there’s joy and happiness too….


So I can choose to see only the bad in life…and sit around and mope

Or I can accept life’s disappointments…and never give up hope.


Hope that there is hope for America…that perhaps it’s not too late…

Hope that in the long run…


love will conquer hate.

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