She was concerned about her beauty

She was never self-absorbed or vain

but she came home in tears

when another girl called her plain.


Her parents were concerned

they wanted her to understand

so immediately they found a prism

and placed it in her hands..


“The girl who said that was probably unhappy.” They said

Please don’t listen to her…

We have never thought you plain.”

“but even if you were


It’s not how we look on the outside…

you’ll find one day…by most accounts

it’s what’s inside our brain

our heart and what’s inside our soul that counts.”


They held her hands up to the sun

“The way the light bounces off you,” they said

“isn’t important at all.

It’s how the light shines through you 

that people will recall.”


“We think you are beautiful!”

Mom said smiling as she touched her daughter’s chin

“But what makes you truly beautiful

is what shines out of you…not in.”


She wears that prism as a necklace today

to remember where beauty comes from…

and to remind herself of the beautiful little girl she was…


and of the beauty she’s become.

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