Teachers' service to mankind

WE ADORE YOU ‘COZ, YOU ARE YOU! (Musing on Teachers’ Day - 5th September)


(Musing on Teachers’ Day - 5th September)


Oh! Selfless hearts! You are our marvelous facilitators;

The fountain of knowledge and the temple of wisdom!

You’re never found wanting as you are like the great ocean;

That supports life with immense treasures; yet unfathomable!


You love us more than we love you; even more, at times of trouble;

You are the epitome of goodness; as we learn all that are blemish less!

Wiped out tears, we still remember; and we just laughed forgetting the past;

The patting on back was a morale booster; to help us scale new heights!


Most of all, we see you as a stupendous felicitator;

As you complement us irrespective of what we are;

We adore you as you are; for you expect no return;

But carry us through, till we achieve our intellectual goals!


You’re the embodiment of indomitable but ‘never say no spirit’;

You never fail to open up our heavenly eyes to ascend the summit!

You light up the forbearance of patience and the honest virtues of mankind!

Oh! Beloved teachers! We believe your profession is quite thankless!


You stretched your clean hands, to make us stand;

You consoled us when we cried, and made us smile;

But for you, we would have had a sudden death!

Yet, you saved us off from all unseen perils of life!


Hats off! You great loveable persons ‘coz, you have made us soar high;

No pain or sorrow can touch us, for you have given us the immunity!

You are a great psychiatrist who heals all mental sickness and worries;

We acknowledge you as the world’s greatest person, ‘Coz, you are you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Though, teachers' profession is quite thankless, still teachers extend their selfless service to mankind by moulding up the character of young kids without expecting any returns.


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