Deborah and I were in the grocery store…our shopping almost done

When they swooped by us holding hands…a mother and her son.


The boy was wearing a blue cap, jeans and a shirt like Superman’s.

He struggled to pull away from his mother’s grasp…

but she had other plans.


“I have to hold your hand.” she said, ““I won’t let go…I won’t.”

Still trying desperately to get free the boy replied, 

“Uh Mom…you really don’t.”


“You don’t know how to behave.” His mom said, her face showing concern…

“But if you don’t ever let me go,” he retorted, 

“how will I ever learn?”


“But you’ll fly all over the store! She said…”I can’t keep track of you.”

“Mom,” he said in all seriousness… “Isn’t that what Superman would do?”


“OK,” she said, “but I can’t have you running around going one way then the other…

I believe even Superman, when he was SuperBoy, would listen to his mother.”


They boy thought about his mother’s words…after all they were affecting.

“OK Mom, I’ll stay by you.” he said, “besides you need protecting.”


So off they went together…both happy with their new plan…

as SuperBoy learned the first lesson in becoming Superman…


For if Superman is ever going to learn to act with integrity and aplomb

he first must learn to heed the words…and obey his Supermom.


As we left the store I noticed a blue dot in the sky…

And since he kept his word and did not roam…

I wondered was it a bird…a plane…

or did she graciously acquiesce 

and let her SuperBoy fly home.




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