What The Hell, Man.

So In highschool I used to take addaroll to focus, I rescently got reperscribed the stuff, due to having trouble focusing at work. But that isnt the craziness. when i took in high school i was a zombie I had no emotion and I would always zone out and I was always pissed off and quiet. But I took my perscription as perscribed and Its the exact opposite I am bouncing off the walls I cant shut up. i cant stop moving and i have to constintly be doing something, anything it doesnt matter. its like I am on meth, I have so much energy and Its completly obvious i am pacing and completely out of control. I AM HAPPY CRAZY SUPER AWESOME HAPPY i just want to be productive and move as fast as possible. its nuuuuuuutttttsssss. I am off to work, I am bringing my script, so they cant send me home for being on drugs becuase its obvious i am zoom zoom mazda zoomin. I am going in every direction,at the moment i am writing this, i am listing to music writing texting and playing my guitar when i pause to think. I am crazy multi tasking that doesnt even make sense. I forgot to say that I am even on facebook. its nuts I like this a lot. I have no idea why They wanted To give me this. BUT I AM NOT COMPLAINING. I now now why people abuse this crap, if you are not a.d.d. this stuff its litarlly cocaine. I am running on two hours of sleep. I have a 12 hour shift ahead of me in 45 minutes. I have 60 mgs of adderall in me, after I saw it effected me, i had to take another so I could fly like an eagle YEAHHHHHHHH WAHOOO i am going to work at mcdonalds and fucking wreck that grill like a boss I will run the line like its my Bitch i got this shir like a bad ass ass ass motherMcFucking fuck damn I do not know but I just want to clean work and I dont care about spelling or spaces or rymes But I LOVE MY LIFE RIGHT NOW ROBOCOP PHANTOM IS OUT (thats my nick name by the way its a hidden joke but I think its bad ass) everyone be good and live and have fun. fuck the car i think i will riun 3 miles to work and back to day. PEACE

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Zoom Zoom

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Tea and Sugar

I can't stop seeing my bittersweet fantasies
Seeing what I want but not really having it
I can feel my heart strings playing themselves and realizing their is no music coming out
Sometimes I wonder if it's better to not have dreamed at all
And not realizing what I can't have
But how can we not dream?
The day we live our dream is the day we can truly stop dreaming
I just want to live in a sunset, under all the perfect conditions and feel the waves crash against my feet over the boardwalk dock
All the while spilling my secrets to the someone beside me
And to hold it all still
Yet here I am awake, because I would much rather spend my time making my dreams come as close to possible,
Than to keep that bittersweet heartache
Than to keep dreaming

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Yes I dream, and my dreams are more prescious than any poem I can write. I hope you can see my poem just as a dream.