strange days

Dreaming Awake

Sometimes I wonder if my awaken eyes are
really dreaming, living in a subconscious realm;
Where the vertigo is straight and the horizon of
the stars limited to the touch….sincerity is missed!
Vibrant energy is the pulse of the heart, the
remedy for pain is to slain the thought; my breath
gives life, and my looks do kill…
If you wonder now what is more real to me; dying
comfortably numb.
The circle of life has a Triangle and an Eye that sees
all at a 33rd degree; the navigating compass broke
down in the East.
Took one thousand steps to move two feet, creating
time with a blink of an eye; in one of my daydreams,
I met Eve; the apple she gives me is rotten, so I
refused to eat…spewing the bite at her feet.
She is no longer gentle, but a ravaging beast with
luscious breast feeding democracy; with a socialist
I’m being sincere; the grass may be greener on the
other side, but remember shit fertilizes it.
The truth smells rancid when lying tongues speak.
The four horsemen are Chairman of the Board of
Everything and everyone has a price, political and
religious fanatics are really zombies, eating each
other’s flesh and bone.
Where silence is broken, respect has its limits, caring
is limited, and love is hate, literally!
Characters seduce weakening knees, personalities
clash when words melt the soul away, doves cry in silence--
Liars fill cathedrals, wingless angels are known as demons
mixing holy water with vodka...shaken not blessed.
Secrets are confessed, priest are possessed with evil
Sinners do not pray, we wish to be heard...
Welcome one currency, monies to trust.
Entertain the guilt; scan the mind to find pleasure in the
Smoke from the peace pipe enlightens the way, clarity in
I used to fight my demons; now they roam free...
I still wear my halo with tar covered wings.
We are vessels in a world that does not exist; in reality you
and I are really asleep.
For those whom dream often we are living more consciously
free, partial dreamers are partial believers; if you don’t dream
at all you’re disconnected from the universe,
disconnected from you!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Be Nocturnal!!

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