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The moon rises, the sun falls.

Can’t fight these nightmares,

They bend me till I break.

I must escape, from these chains

That bind me to a life of seclusion, mirrors-

That hide you, the key to unlock

The misery I am forever bound too.

All I can see in your piercing gaze is

The reflection of a lost man

Sinking deeper in a pit of quicksand

Struggling to break free from the claws

Of life that only speed my demise.

Battle-scarred, weary –

From the torment of many years

Of mental defeat.

I collapse, for the war has taken its toll,

Soon I will fall. I must change the tide

Or I will be dragged out to sea,

Swallowed by tears of fallen comrades

And sink to the depths of a dark tomb,

Cold, as I have been ever familiar with

During my entire life.

-          - - - - - - - - - -  -    -

I can’t, I must fight on

Gathering myself, I muster the courage

To fend off the nightmares,

Dragging the chains bound to me

Across the jagged, cold floor.

I gaze once more into the mirrors

That have been my life, the ones

That have pointed out every imperfection,

In a utopian society that detects defects.

I clench my fists and rip through glass,

Shattering the mirror to pieces, I clasp your hand

The house I have been forever trapped in,

Begins to shake at the hands of a

Merciless earthquake.

The chains that bind me, begin to rust and corrode

Our eyes connect and without a word

I put your hand over my heart, and only gaze

Into you, revealing the pain I have hidden for so long…

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