Can You Steal?

Can you steal the clouds from the sky,

The fragrance from the flower,

And the rainbow from the rain,

The affection from the mother?


Can you steal the innocence from a baby,

The the sun's sunshine,

And the sweet voice from the cuckoo,

The moonlight from the moon fine?


Can you steal the glow from the twilight,

The beauty from the mountains,

And the serenity from the desert,

The joy from the fountains?


Can you steal the beauty from spring,

The coldness from winter,

And the forceful wind from the cyclone,

The warmth from summer?


Can you steal the smile from Mona Lisa,

The pain from a dying spirit,

And the blessing from a saint,

The love for you from my heart-beat?

ign:center'>By pulling down the shutter of dark fence.


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