Raymond Burt

believer, and the doubters, they'd appreciate the monstrous. do well too avoid the glimmer, the pits of the fiery. dwell not in my judgment. do such a thing, fall for 30 miles. do for I jest innermost. do such my mind, the ass. do fuck the ass its the genitals. dwell in she, and the bright, and the light can't be understood, we're the apocalyptic, bereave these the sufferers, the lime disease, and the aids, these taken by my evil, pride and the Beast. do such a murder, I let ...ye stay the earthbound spirit, I can see I can feel, I am being dealt, and I ask often you, I had proven you, and had fallen, the knife. and dwell portion often the arms, and the legs, dwell not for the machines, the temple of us, we produce the sinner, they below our servants, do not maim thee, dwell, in my cocaine, and the fear, the bloodletting, and the hell form, these hate hi, how are you, devour me, leave this appeasement, and the horror often a soles, and the dead growth, they art the centipede, the demons evil, do none such, poor men, and the seas of the dead, dwell inside the tunnel, and the cowardice, they 'd laugh, dwell in my horn, the dom and the doorways to my hail, dwell not fierce some warriors, killed, head removed the stump, the wheelchairs, overgrown, comments, do it for the horror, subdued ones