Special Someones

All and nothing


Know that it was always thus,

Sent from eternal existence,

At our souls' plateau's insistence,

Forced from light, smothered in dust,

Special some ones with the task of love,

Some to teach, some to learn,

A loving gift that we would earn,

Is, our hearts do forever burn,

Not just with happiness, desire,

But endure the retching, longing pain of friendly-fire,

Weaving heart break in our wake,

Godly chunks we've deigned to take,

For Love is unconquerable flame,

Heat; light; ache and pain,

Know that it was always thus.


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All and nothing


Sublimated steel was the feel,

Held handsomely through you,

Wised, taut,

Uprightly collared,

In demoned grey,

A faultless frost of male,

Saved by a nap of softness,

Seen in the flower of your smile.

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