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A Prayer

Thank you,

My Darling.

As my enemies hubris is rewarded,

With pain and humiliation.

I have you to thank

For bringing this blessing to me.

I prostrate myself to you

In any unspeakable way you desire,

For bringing such joy to me.

I love you.

words only said

You are sorry.

Yes, I KNOW, You said you are Sorry.

You cut me,you pushed me, you used me—BUT you said "sorry".


There are no magic words that heal gaping wounds—

Yet you say "I'm sorry".

I can say it too and mean it less.

I,am SORRY, but will it stop the bleeding? Hardly. 

Lets not say sorry, let us MEAN it,

because the difference between you SAYING it and you MEANING it,

is the difference between a sentence and a SENTENCE.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Sometimes when our words are empty they get filled with hate.