Soon Yi

Lifetime Achievement Award

He was just a Hollywood pedophile--
Led his daughter in the attic with a smile,
Whispering "daddy loves his little girl" in her ear,
As he forced himself on her from the rear.


As she watched her brother's train roll around,
A child's helpless little voice made no sound,
While her father made it big on the screen
In the Hollywood's money making machine.


Starred, directed, filmed, produced, wrote, played--
Yes, his life was just an endless parade--
Amidst all the big stars and has-beens
In the Hollywood's money making machine.


Roll the credits, joke and schmooze for the press,
While your daughter stays in hiding undressed,
"Daddy loves his little girl, can't you see?
Yes, one day you'll go to Paris with me."


Yes, one day you'll be a big star,
Rape some underage girls in your car,
Buy big mansions with the golf on the green
And the Hollywood whores of your dreams.


               February 4, 2014
             --Alexander Shaumyan