No Hope


No Hope


Where does he come from?

What does he want?

He's tall and thin, 

And ghostly pale.

Wearing a suit of darkness.

If he sees you now, 

You will see him again. 

No Hope

No escape from his empty stare,

No escape at all.

Don't look at his face you'll be sucked in,

He'll take you and you'll wish you were dead.

He will come for you in the time of sadness and fear,

Following a noise of clicking bones.

No Hope

No matter where you go,

No matter where you are.

He'll take you to his land of sorrow,

Where you won't escape.

He always sees yet has no eyes,

He always hears but has no ears.

He's tall and thin,

And ghostly pale.

Wearing a suit of darkness,

The Slender Man.


             Austin Rathbun 


Author's Notes/Comments: 

I'm just letting it out on this one, slender man creeps me out!

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