Mind Wiped


A blank canvas
Words black made of Ink
Art. Mind wiped
My feelings laid out and typed

Blindness. A tad bit of numbness
Realizing my bumbness.
Legs shaking. Arms aching
I cant believe the shit im taking

The shit im making.
Leaning over a toilet.
My head flushing. not faking.
I need to start concentrating

I need to start thinking
Close my eyes.
Head cold.
Stop the beeping

My soul is reaping
My heart skipping and leaping
In Class reading some Randy Pausch
One to eleven. The counting feels like im in the mosh

In the pit. Pushed down
Shoved around.
A kid screaming. Throwing a fit
Get up take the hit

This is fun
Exhaustion I must overcome
When those doors open I gotta run
Sit up front you fucking cunt

You’re so small.
A fucking runt. Im sorry.
Am I being to blunt?
Here smoke this blunt.

A delicacy but I would be in tangle
Saturday morning and I was to be strangled
I went to the fridge to get a bagel
Yelled at so many angles

Still dealing with it all
She would have me take the fall
Told me to crawl.
All the way. By the way

that reminds me. Gosh
Thank you Josh. You took me in.
Helped me not get squashed
Lent me a bed. Even a place to wash.

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