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Allow me still


What is love?


Is this a trick question?


You never asked,


maybe I don’t know.


You seem to know


 Or just don’t care.


What other fool has the credentials


to even wonder?


My mouth doesn’t ask these questions


It only says your name


Too big for my mind


to comprehend. I know.


Allow me still, to wrap my arms


around this, at least once more.


My arms are too short to ascertain the full meaning


of its hefty connotation


Your reach is greater then mine so I am resolved


to feel the hardness bulge  


in my caress and fingertips to dance figure 8’s


upon your heavy sacks and


the tip of my tongue to lick your shaft from root to tip


Oh, I must stop. Or I’ll forget the question.


What was it?


Oh yes, what is love?

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Guilty Pleasures

Fingers slide over my skin.

Pressing and caressing my body.

Pleasure rushes with blood down my center,

between my legs, and onto

my back.

Pulsating through my thoughts,

until I sink back into my sheets.


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