Time is often hard to comprehend, for she can be our enemy or she can be our friend.

She can mark the joy that welcomes a beginning or the sorrow that envelopes an end.


We all have similar experiences sharing the joy of a special day

Or the sorrow of the date a loved one passed away.


We are in each moment for a second only...and then that moment’s gone

Replaced by the next one, then the next one as Time moves ever on.


If that moment is a joyful one we wish for time to journey slow

We are glad we had that moment but sad to see it go.


If that moment is a sorrowful one tis Time we want to blame

We curse her arrival, we plead and wish that moment never came.


But be it joyous or be it sorrowful Time moves straight and she moves swift

And it makes me think as I sit and wonder...perhaps that is her gift.


I do not believe it is Time’s intention to aggravate or annoy 

She is only seeking balance between our sorrow and our joy.


Finding joy in a joyful moment is easy and sublime

But finding joy after sorrow, well, that takes a little time.


Perhaps that’s why our yesterdays so quickly become tomorrows

To give our joys more opportunities to overtake our sorrows


Then once a year she returns to that day without malice or regret

To remind us we can find joy even though the sorrow we’ll never forget.


One year ago today a lunatic entered an elementary school and took

The lives of 20 children and 6 adults in a place called Sandy Hook.


Time has come full circle, for that’s what Time does, don’t you see?

And once again she brings us face to face with that senseless tragedy.


Yes they were taken too soon, yes many lives that day were destroyed

But if all we do is dwell on this then we lose sight of any joy. 


As we recall the senseless deaths, all those horrible memories this day revives

We must remember the joy was not in their deaths it was in the beauty of their lives.


There will always be a sorrow attached to this day, that is clear

But I hope they to find some joy as Time revisits them each year.


I can’t imagine these people’s pain as out of this abyss they try to climb.


I can only pray their ride gets easier as they travel on the wings of time.

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