Sadness heartleft alcohol addiction


The Pixie Dust

I watched the Rum waste his liver away

Drinking his skin yellow, slow to decay

His misery loved the company of the liquor

I couldn't do anything as it made him sicker...


Daddy, please put down the glass

You've had enough, I want your time with me to last

Don't take your life away 

I need you there on my wedding day.


I want you to walk me down the aisle

With all your limbs and a big, old smile

Not watching above in heaven's clouds

Crying down how you're so proud


You know how Mommy left me to die

It's not often anymore you see me cry

I don't want to lose you yet

It's not only me you'll upset.


I know you're sad, but hold in there

You've got so many people who care

Me, the family, and your friends I know

Stop the drinking, I can't let you go.