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A warning to all you people who hate and call it equal,
You say you fight for peace, but you hate the soldiers,
And when the fighting ends there will always be a sequel,
Peace is something that will always make you look behind our shoulders,
The weight is so heavy that you can’t put it on us,
And then we shoot guns with the strings pulling,
But this time we’re being overpowered by the bus,
We have no hope but to be pulled in,
And when we realize it, it’s already too late,
We shut up about it without opening a new gate,
We forget that it’s something that we can change,
Since the past is our built fate,
We have to be ready to go to a new range.



A warning to all the people on the same cycle,
You so the same things done without changing your note,
When you see a genius he becomes your idol,
Now this is something that I will promote;
Open your eyes to your future, it’s something you must write,
Forget the past failures try your own shoes,
It’s your fire that must shine bright,
And there’s no need to stop and choose,
I’m searching for my beginning,
And I’ll write until I find
A meaning to our beginning,
An answer to life is what I must find.


I have a joke. What do you call a girl with a face as white as snow and wrists the size of a toothpick, because she has weight on her that no eyes could possibly see but her own which are blinded by self hatred? 

Wait I have another one. What do you call an edgy boy whos eyes veer away from yours when they meet because he cant even look you in the eye for fear that you're secretly judging his every breath with such hatred that your skin burns?

No? Not funny? What about this one? What do you call a girl whos only escape is the art she paints on her body with a metal paintbrush and bright red paint that nobody seems to want to admit to seeing?

Or how about a boy who smiles every day in hopes to liberate himself so he no longer has to feel the pain of the sadness that has engulfed his soul and took over his everything and is now slowly ripping apart his mind and making him believe that he's better off dead? 

Do you get it?

Not yet? Let me try a different one. A girl with a broken heart who cant find a god damned shelter big enough for all her troubles in this pouring rain of broken dreams and the puddles of lost hope so instead she keeps it all to herself because she believes that she is a burden to everyone under the sun and it slowly rips away at her until the monsters under her bed are now in her head and she cant get the voices to leave her alone. What is she?

Still not funny? Okay last one. A really messed up society decides to take all these things and turn them into a fashion trend. Wanna know the punch line? They burn down the world and wipe out the ones who are truly affected by these disorders as if they are the attention seekers. 

But it's okay. Because its funny. 

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