Rose blossom

Rose blossoms

Flower Poetry

As all beauty that exist

 In a world filled with love

A  tender fragile rose lived

heaven sent from above


 The day she did blossom

the  proud angels did cry

Her beauty was breathtaking

till the day she died


 Her blooms were like satin

 so soft to the touch

 Her colors were ravishing

 like fair maiden's sweet blush


 In the center of her beauty

 was her tender heart

 The pride of the garden

 with all her succulent parts


 Her heart beating madly

 when the creatures came to eat

 Seeking her pollinating nectar

 so tantalizing and sweet


 Then when her sweet nectar

 had been ravished by them all

 Her heart ache would begin

 as she watched her petals fall


Some say a rose never cries

 but if you watch the morning dew

 the tears drops are from angels

 only seen by a special few


 And as the heart of a rose dies

 the angels in heaven depart

 carrying with them the  seeds

 To lend the Rose a new start


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