When you sit on the shore of the ocean watching the sun paint the morning sky

Your feel the breeze, see the clouds and marvel at the early birds flying by.


If you’re lucky enough to have the time…to linger there a while

you swear…in the silence of the morning…you can hear the planet smile.


You are mesmerized by the ripples in the ocean…at the uniform way they behave

each one is beautiful…

smooth and shiny…

forming one never-ending wave.


And you find yourself watching one wave…

as you’ve done a thousand times before

you follow it on its journey as it rolls upon the shore.


Followed by another, 

then another, 

then another wave…

it’s a beautiful dance they perform

and you begin to understand how in that multitude of ripples…an ocean can be formed.


And when the tide heads back out to sea…your heart begins to soar

for the ripples, inadvertently, have left their mark upon the shore.


And you think of the problems facing the world today…how difficult is the climb

And you’re reminded the only way to change the world…is one ripple at a time.


And you know when enough people discover this…

and flow together…

even for a little while…

We, too, will leave our mark upon the shore…


and we will hear our planet smile.

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