revolution blake idealogy change storms spoken

Brand, Burn up, Bite into its grace

You can brand me, you can burn me but you know ill keep on biting
Because I heard the world is a battlefield and we all need to keep on fighting
And storms are coming and the sky is tinged with lightening
And its not the power of the storm that I find frightening
Im scared of the flashes of light shining
Illuminating a face I don’t want to see
And it could be your face or it could be me
It could be anybody from this lonely broken city
I am sick of not focusing on what we can be
Sick of appearances and surfaces and the sequence of succession
We live for the future, and ignore the problems of the present
And now I smell the rain that comes but I cant smell the water
I smell the sadness and the pain, Im hunched over this flame
Cos the romantic ideal is something we all should attain
Cos I read up on Blake and I am spreading the knowledge that I gained
He heard the screams of thousands and the manacles in their minds
And I am expanding on his findings because we haven’t stopped
Even after all this time, still we bind our minds in chains
And listen to the lies,
listening to the media and not the abandoned peoples cries

But our freedom isn’t given so we must still fight
We run through this town howling round at night
And we write and live and do what we like
Because our freedom isn’t given
And were ready for a fight
So give me whiskey gin and lightening
And let me stand up for my rights
And when im home ill look at the mirror and feel all right
Cos if I can accept the sinner who stands in front of me
You can accept the winner you could be

Tonight let us be rabble rousers
and leave behind empty houses
And in our minds lets march,
Because if we don’t act fast
We wont break free from our past
If we don’t act on our dissent
Or the time we have spent
Then we will never gain a focus on the present

So ill use metaphor and simile Spread lines like analogy
Because even if its just our minds We deserve to be free
Unbind your self and stand with me Break free from the chains
Inside your mind, because self affirmation is a mountain
And its one you need to climb

Im hanging on by my teeth and the feeling is disquieting
So the system may burn and brand me but you know ill keep on biting
Cos I heard the world is a battleground and we all need to keep on fighting
So storms coming but its no longer frightening
And im no longer scared of this lightening
No longer scared of the flashes shining
Ill look into the face I illuminate
And ill notice it is smiling.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

The title and basis for the first line is in robert brownings "The Laboratory"