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Suffer in silence

it hurts to say your name out loud

i always choke on the ending vowel 

i know what made this happen is my fault 

and I know for a fact I was entirely wrong

i thought you wouldn't miss me

and I thought you didn't care

and yet every corner I turn you always prove me wrong

i wish you knew the extent of what I feel 

sometimes I don't feel like any of this is real

i don't want to talk

i don't want to smile

but I do for you every once in a while

because I don't want you to remember me as always sad

rather I want you to see me and always be glad

i want you to smile, laugh and live your life

but I'm so scared of being left behind

because I love you

i don't ever want you to doubt that

i know I've messed up

and I'm sorry about that

but I can't change what happened

and I can't change the past

but I'm trying to show you I can change my act

and maybe you'll see that I'm not all that bad

but it gets to me a lot more than it should

my feeling over-ride my thoughts

and I can't put them to bed

i don't want to cry anymore

please let this hell end

im suffering in silence but I won't tell you that