She came to the mountains because she was lost

filled with anxiety and doubt…

She couldn’t remember who she was..

She came to the mountains to find out.


And it wasn’t long before she found herself…

She found her kindness in the breeze.

She found her beauty in the flowers.

She found her strength among the trees.


Her imagination she found floating in the clouds,

and it did not take her long

in the bees to find her determination…

in the birds to find her song.


She found her courage and humility

in the rivers and the streams.

She found her kindness, her compassion

and forgiveness in her dreams.


Before she knew it she was lost no more.

Her optimism had returned…

awakened by all she had re-discovered…

by everything she had re-learned…


For she learned this simple lesson

taught by the mountains on her climb…

that all those things she thought she’d lost

were with her all the time.


Now each day she rediscovers

as her days about to start…

who she is by searching the mountains

in her soul 



in her heart.

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