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Just a thought!

Wow, I have read some sick, sad, shit on this site.It would seem, half the "Poeteers" are either...

In therapy, been in therapy, or need therapy...Or can't write poetry so they use this as a journal to show

just how non-poetic their life is.. 1."I can't love".. 2."nobody loves me"..or..3."my love left me". I'm quite sure

those were the first three, "Rules of Life", in the "Rules of Life book" when you joined...#4, 5, and 6 were

#4, Have a good cry..#5, Realize you're not the only one with the problem..#6, Don't be a sad sac the

rest of your life...#7. Get over it...#8.Grow a pair and Move on!  #9, Try to write something that doesn't start out with..."Poor poor pitiful me"... "My life's so pathetic"...or... "My life is over because , out of 7 billion people in the world, this was the only person that could complete me"....Last but not least, #10. Try to write something good and..."Have a Nice Day"*:D big grin

                        This message brought to you by, "Poets Guide for a better tomorrow"     

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Author's Notes/Comments: 

I read so many sad stories pertaining to love, they became repeatitive and started to become humorous, as if they were all from the same cult and consulted on what to write. I knew what the next line was going to be, because it was the same in the last one. Their thoughts began to run together...bla, bla, bla, my life is over, I'll never find love again..."Geeze"..Take a number and draw it from a hat to decide who gets to post it next.  P.S. "Not everyone can post the exact same sad story and change the signature"...Will the real author please stand up!

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