#poetry #pilgrim


Canvas in the sky

Ineffable piece of art

Comely cotton catches the sight

Hanging landscape; burglar of thy heart

A somnambulist of the wilderness

Walked in finesse

Lilt in the rhythm of waves

Lissome silhouette in

diaphanous melody

Helios took rest in the west

Aurora being embrace

Offing’s oblivion, passerby’s silhouette;

a great conflate

Darkness demesne

Dissemble by lack of utterance

Harbinger! here it comes

Somnambulist please wake up

Efflorescence peace but ephemeral

Halcyon abscord in time before aurora

Appease by phosphenes behind the dark

Hiraeth cannot be hidden

Komorebi came in and was awaken

(© Mayhem in Peace; the Dalliance)

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