Piercing pain ripping pulling despair drowning choking mind mental thoughts emotions




Sharp piercing memories

Take root in my mind

Supplanting reality

With their existence.


Thick tendrils wrap

Along thin walls,

Ripping, pulling them

Down around me.


Binding and choking

They constrict, on my neck, 

Leaving me gasping, 

Clawing for air.



Are not



Cruel, Cold Phantasms of the Past

Their icy grip spreading,

Cracking, leaving spiderweb

Breaks on the mirrors.


Dragging me under

Down into the depths of 

My subconscious mind,

There leaving me to drown.


A mind is only as strong

As it's maker.

And the maker

Has only the mind to rely on.


Circular logic spirals on endlessly

A whirlpool of thoughts and emotions

The bottom is


Author's Notes/Comments: 

Companion piece to Mindshattered.