#Petra; #angry camels; #red rose city




The Red-rose city of Petra

is mind blowing 

even if infested with tourists.


You can lose a day

just sauntering thru the acres.

You follow the Siq into

the city and marvel 

at the tombs and buildings

etched right into the rock.


The engineering is stunning.

The treasury and the theatre

are spellbinding.


For a fee

you can ride a camel

thru the “streets” of Petra


The handlers are willing

and fluent in English;

and quick to collect your money

and help you climb on the camel.


The good natured camel

quietly sits until prodded to action.

The camel timidly waits

while awkward tourists get situated.


Camels are docile creatures

even if they look scary.

I’m sure there are 

ill tempered camel out there

but I’ve yet to meet one.




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