True sons of our country

These are the true sons of our country,

who give us shade from the enemy like a tree.

They are so brave and have no fear,

they hold our country so dear.

They went where others feared to go,

they did what others failed to do.

They are the real heroes of our nation,

serving the motherland is their only mission.

whether its bloody freezing cold,

or scorching sun ray but they stand bold.

They are protecting us without any holidays,

but most of us didn't have for them any pray.

They fought and sacrificed their lives,

they even left their children and wives.

Their mothers cried,

as their sons died.

their fathers tried to hold back their tears,

as their sons lived a scanty years.

They are our own country's soldiers,

who now became the  unforgotten MARTYRS.



Author's Notes/Comments: 

this a the most precious poem to my heart and soul as it is dedicated to my motherland INDIA

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