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In My Breath  

By Pushkva 1-2-2018                                                                              



So many sufferings endured

Incessantly from the soul blood flows

Tears rain upon the altar laid

Stream of sadness and desperation

Stumbling upon rocks

Blocking path to the light between stones

Strength and courage sought in prayer


Weakness and failure overcomes

Wounded child falls

Thoughts, words, and lies from the enemy haunts

Reaching, grasping almost touching the evading truth

Lances implanted sharp pains delivers

Nothingness realized,

Surrender of self down upon knees brings

Words elusive, spirit of soul wails

Embracing holiness, releasing sighs

Peace and healing downward reach

Softly, gently, a balm soothing soul

Words like warm milk

On a snowy day received   



May upon you be my peace.

In my,

In my,

In my,


In the garden all is well

With its borders

         Pressing in on all sides.



Breathe His breath my soul.

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