It is a story for the ages that generations will long repeat

for when it comes to these two lovers…it was their destiny to meet.


Two ordinary people…nothing more and nothing less.

He was not a knight in shining armor,

she was not a damsel in distress.


But from the moment they joined together…from that wondrous day

oh the castles they would build and the dragons they would slay.


Together they faced them all…monsters…ogres…vandals

wicked witches…big bad wolves…there was nothing they couldn’t handle.


And through all their years…through all their tears

through all their joys and sorrows and laughter…

from the moment they first met they lived happily ever after.


And every time their story is repeated…

it ends the same way…

without fail:

Sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life…

love gives you a fairy tale.


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