#never #repeat


I did it! Sin committed, spat in the mouth of the beast;

my tongue sanctified and fire I spewed….

no acts of crime or hate; you would not relate…

I continue-

Beautiful lips I have kissed, under my wings ladies have

laid, a chosen few have witness the sunrise with me; a

warmth that does not repeat—like the scent of a woman;

a woman’s warmth is unique…temperature rises and falls-

I started this race; I am going to finish; stuck in the middle

but I will not restart this journey; I have yet to recite the

same poem twice and do not intend too-

The only time I trace my steps backwards is when I lose

my high; yet when I find it, I am so far behind I stay there

nd contemplate…nothing, I’m high-

I start anew from that point until I fall again; stand up

against all odds again, chemical imbalance now I see

double, but I will not go back to the days of ignorance and


Take life for what it’s worth…Adelante! Never rewind…

once said, it set in stone; once acted upon you cannot

erase the actions and reactions of the thoughts you harvest

in your soul-

The damage is done, maybe forgiveness; someday, maybe!

Earn your keeps and guard them well like dreams from the

Sandman; children from the Piper- I am both-

History does repeat itself in similar events, yet never

redundant. I too stay committed to the wide path before

me; that no matter the consequences of my actions I shall

strive onward to the East-

I may commit the same sin twice; however, this life I will

only live once without redundancy…I will never give you

the same; I will not be redundant-  




Author's Notes/Comments: 

Never Rewind!!

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