Natures music in the form of rain



Rhythmic and hearthrobbing;

As it comes down slanting and lashing;

Down the roof gushes, the streaming water;

Makes it as if, it’s a rhythmic flow!


Oh! You! Just tune your sweet ears;

The rhythm of rain, is so much near;

What a melody that’s unheard on earth;

Accompanied by thunder beats and lightning rays!


Laser lights don’t stand a chance;

As lightning dances in kaleidoscopic shapes

The thunder beat reverberates the ear,

And shakes up people to be on feet.


So exciting! So exhilarating! And so melodious it is!

As nature orchestrates and plays its music,

No wrong chords hit the earthly ears;

When nature composes and plays, the right music!


So fine!  So sweet!  And so exotic it is!

Unheard! But heard, at least for now;

Makes me sad, so glad and mad!  And so

I wish, I heard it till life’s last breath!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Nature never plays the wrong chord when it composes its music.  What we hear or see from nature excites us; for the music that is played is unique and played without any wrong notes.


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