My first posted poem

My first post


I'll start with something disturbing first


I write what I say, I say what I think

Just like at a bar I say what I'll drink

Say she's a chink

I that she's tight

Say she's a freak

I'm a freak all night

Loving my height

Loving my length

Told her best friend that it look like a bench

Told her best friend about our love stench

Cos her lock so wet, she flooded every inch

Of the floor, so hardcore

No other players go so raw

Sex so raw

Left the creampie

Round two, had to shoot in her eye

Filming her I, had to decide

Let her best friend come taste on the pie

Oh my my, No regrets!

I'm the very best

Bestest yet!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I write on all topics so try to take this with a pinch (handful) of salt.