You, Perfect Murderer

I believe,

I knew you.

Your prefect crimes.

Assume that I'm only-

A speck in time.


This scene is just a metaphor-

For blood sucking and bruises


You say that it's a phase-

And you'll be fine.

So, quote to me over again-

Your heart breaking traits will never end.


Your murderous lair-

Your victims tears glisten in your hair.

It pains me.

But , I'll be fine.

Swimming in your fortune.

Their graves are red, crimson and deep maroon.


And if your secret spreads-

This is the way it ends.

Just come back home.

Leave the hearts alone.


All of your dilemmas-

Make me weak and tremor.

Bloodly screams and moans.

When your world turns black-

Due to your flack and lack.

Remember you were told-

Dust grinded with bone.