Martial Philosophy



Don’t forget for you were enlightened
When nerves tempt over the serpent doth grin
Thy thoughts a tempest – The snake a storm
Clouds shall enthrall, safeguard your core
The venom it taints your mind the fruit
That monotonous song so stoically shall leer
Your thoughts constrain, Satan 'tis ever near
The sea ahead too deep, destruction creeps rear

Hark! You were trained - so have not fear
Breath deep - be lax, the sea hath split
Fit but formless - flowing - adapting like water
Your foe he chants, strike as a metronome
You’ll relish in victory, a David amongst Goliaths
So forget all dear partisan, for you are enlightened

Author's Notes/Comments: 

First poem, please critique. Intend on making more martial arts poems for a journal.