man is dependent unlike birds or animals/he cannot decide on his own/ he doesn't have the freedom




Oh, Bird! You commenced your job even from within the shell!

You could peck a hole to get yourself out wantonly;

But then, I felt ashamed when I was told after many a years

That I was passively lying upside down in womb, like any other fetus.


Nothing new!  But I feel the pinch when I think of,

My inadequate strength to get out of it on my own.

As you emerged out of your tiny shell,

You could see the light, and look at life!

But then, my forcible ejection into the world,

Made me a dependent as my eyes were totally shut!


You could see and walk and peck your food; but

I was fed and told that the light was too much for me!

As you were free, you could do anything you liked;

You could freely flap your tiny wings and fly a bit!

But I, the poor weakling, needed the nursing of Mom & Co.


As you had the free choice, you could stretch your wings into the land of freedom!

But, I was cuddled and cradled with love and care, but not the free choice!

Oh! You were a free bird, whereas, I was a hand-child! And so;

Now, when you run, I’m just able to crawl; and when you fly, I’m just able to stand;

When you can go anywhere on your own, I’ve to wait for others to decide on me!


Oh! You have grown up fast and learned the world!

But, I am yet to be on my own even now!

I know, I am flightless, as my wings have been clipped!

Unless I learn to be on my own, I wouldn’t fly!

Let me break off these shackles and soar high into the sky to be in my world!

Author's Notes/Comments: 

A bird can break off the shell on its own and emerge out. But a child has to be ejected out by the mother at the time of delivery and is totally dependent on her for anything. Just a few minutes after birth, a chick or a calf can walk and do anything it likes on its own where as a child has to be in the hands of its mother for a long long time. Even after that it is not given the freedom to move about. There is too much of care! As a result, the child is not able to see the world fully well with its own eyes but it has to see and do things following instructions from others. Hence, the child needs to be given freedom at the right age to be on its own so that it can see the world with its own eyes and act accordingly.