We Just Need To Say It More

Don’t you find it interesting

in a world where hate seems to be everywhere

that, in spite of all our differences,

there’s one thing we all share?


We all have a feeling deep inside of us

that we are willing to proclaim!

And no matter how we pronounce it...

it always means the same.


In Farsi it’s ‘doset daram’.

It’s ‘Tsi ge yu i’ in Cherokee.

In Dutch it’s ‘Ik hou van jou’.

In Mandarin...’wo ai ni’.


In Morocco it’s ‘Ana jajaba bik’.

If you were in Iceleand you’d say ‘Eg elska pig’.

In Swahili ‘ninapend wewe’.

While the Swedes say ‘Jag alskar dig’.


In Spanish it’s ‘Te quiero’ or ‘Te amo’

In French it’s ‘Je t’aime’ or ‘Je t’adore’

Yes, we all have words that mean I Love You...


We just need to say them more.

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