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Rope-Tied Together

I fantasized you holding me...
Your eyes closed, feeling my skin
And suddenly we are rope tied together
Making two different souls twin

Not an ordinary rope this seems
Its unbreakable, its tough
Its sheen is rich and polished
Though edges thorny and rough

I dont mind the roughness
Lest you dare to untie the knot
I wont let you step out because
Sleepless nights I have fought

My skin has longed for long
To sense the heat of your touch
Goosebumps would rise all over me
As i arrest you in my clutch

Warmth of breath, beats of hearts
Would suffice to keep you safe
Darling! this time we are rope tied
You have no escape!

Author's Notes/Comments: 
For killing the cruel distance, for letting the one stay... rope-tied together!